About Christine

Hi! I’m Christine. A Certified Nutritionist, Free Spirit and Health & Wellness Warrior, dedicated to helping YOU become the happiest and healthiest person you know!


As a youngster and college student, I was raised on the typical SAD diet (Standard American Diet): sugar, processed foods, trans fats, fast foods, and more antibiotics than I can count. Burritos, cheeseburgers and gummy bears were some of my best friends. I was bloated, depressed and had no energy.

I know from my own journey what it's like to feel sub-par with an auto-immune condition and experience other health challenges. It took me over a decade of doctor’s visits, with no answers, before I found myself hitting rock bottom. It was then that I decided to take my health into my own hands, go back to school, transform my life and become a Holistic Nutritionist.

If you've been to more doctors than you can count and you're not getting answers, I can help, many of my clients call me a health detective! My passion and purpose in life is to help YOU feel great again with a focus on the critical role nutrition, detoxing and emotions play in overall healing and getting to the root cause of your symptoms, not masking them with pills. 

I’m a Southern Cali girl who loves the beach, hiking, yoga and traveling abroad. I discovered my passion for holistic healing in 2011 when I started educating myself on healing from within. As I began to reclaim my health and radiance and see miracles happening in those I was coaching, I realized this was my purpose in life and graduated from The Natural Healing Institute to pursue my passion.

The answers are often simple but rarely obvious. 


I can help you feel better again so that you can live the life you want to live. Together we can find the root cause of your symptoms and address them with a holistic approach. Did you know that mycotoxins, heavy metals and environmental toxicity are often the root cause of many chronic illnesses?


So whether you feel like you are a “hot-mess” and are ready to throw in the towel, or you simply want to fine-tune your health and wellness, I will provide you with simple solutions and all the resources you need.


We Can Help You:

  • Eat Clean & Live Healthy

  • Learn How to Shop & Read Labels

  • Detox the Healthy Way

  • Relieve Symptoms from Your Auto-Immune Condition 

  • Manage Thyroid Health

  • Lose Weight

  • Reduce Pain & Inflammation

  • Discover Your Food Allergies

  • Nourish Your Cells

  • Strengthen Your Immunity

  • Increase Your Energy

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Look forward to hearing from you!


Christine is the best! Her knowledge of food and nutrition as well as general good health practices has helped me considerably. Knowing how dangerous some of the foods we eat are, especially what our children are eating is scary. Also learning from Christine about our bodies being too acidic and inflamed by the wrong foods or not enough of the right foods has made me feel so much better each day by practicing what she has taught me. She literally took me to the store and showed me what to look for and what to watch out for. She can do for you what she did for me! So sweet kind and compassionate. She truly cares about people and you can tell this by the way she lives her life and how she has helped so many of us. Thank you Christine and I promise to try and teach my friends and family  what you have taught  me!

George Petro, San Diego, CA

As someone who has suffered from chronic illness most of my life and has been to all sorts of practitioners, for the first time I feel that someone gets it and takes a comprehensive view of my health and wellness.  Christine is amazing – thorough in her assessment, knowledgeable about what works and which practitioners actually help when additional medical support was needed.  I look forward to continuing my journey to health with her as my guide.

Scott Burrus, Kensington, CA

I have been working with Christine for nearly a year and she has been incredibly instrumental in curbing my diet and implementing a program that allows me to eat much healthier. Besides researching my surrounding eateries and determining what items are the healthiest choices, she called to find out if there were alternatives for the items I truly loved (not healthy) and slightly modified the item so that I eliminated the portion that was interfering with my new diet she created.


With the initial consultations, plus weekly follow up meetings, she was able to determine a diet that worked for me which was simple enough to follow and understand so it wasn’t just a temporary life style change.  She managed to introduce me to locations where I could obtain the food that I would prepare, thus allowing me to always having completely organic and healthy choices. When I was too busy to run to the store,  she would make herself available to help me in order to assure I kept it going. I felt that her persistence on seeing me become a healthy person was more of a priority for her than me, which in turn made me want to continue.


On a daily basis, I start each morning with a vegetable smoothie that I create from her portion control and selections.   She emphasized the importance of methylated B Complex vitamins and Cortisol Manager products to help increase my energy levels and manage how I react to stress.    At the beginning I was not someone who would use supplements, however; after only a week of use I could feel the difference.


Christine is truly a health care consultant in every sense of the word, she cares about it in her life and those she consults. I would highly recommend her to help you discover your healthy way of life.

Paul, San Diego, CA

Christine is one of the most compassionate and knowledgeable health advisors I’ve met. Not only is she very passionate about helping others get healthy, she asks a lot of questions to help you get to the “root” cause of your problems. Where your traditional M.D stops, Christine comes in to help tailor a nutrition, supplement and lifestyle balance program for you to feel great!

Donna, Denver, CO


Your knowledge and amazing coaching skills have helped change my life.  For years my wife and I have discussed going on diets, losing weight, exercise programs, and getting in shape for retirement and travel…but agreeing on what, how, and when always left us at the starting line.


Your thoughtful discussions about nutrition, eating healthy, foods & ingredients to avoid have really helped us adjust our eating habits.  We really enjoyed our trips to the market and finding the right products to buy and alternate food choices. Eating healthy was critical for our future.


Your Holistic Weight Loss Program and using Clar8ty made getting started easier.  Building a program around what we like to eat and our life style took a little more effort. It was very important to recognize that if we didn’t get started, we would never achieve any of the results we both wanted. My wife and I started the first week in February 2016 and by this December we have lost almost 100 pounds.  She is three pounds ahead of me. It’s not a competition; we both enjoy our new healthy eating habits and our new wardrobes.


Your combined program has really improved our physical health. I noticed that after using Clar8ty for three months, I had stopped using Aleve. It was a subtle change and one day I noticed that I had not taken an Aleve in a long time.   I didn’t have any aches or pains after a round of golf or physical activity.  It has made a noticeable difference in my energy level and has definitely reduced my joint pain and inflammation. 


Christine we both thank you for ALL that you do. After 10 months, we are both enjoying our healthy life style and with our new physical health we are enjoying our retirement and traveling…a lot!

Charles, Palm Desert, CA

Christine’s knowledge regarding the impact diet and supplements can make on Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) symptoms was extremely helpful. The medication alone only helps so much, Christine’s suggestions on what foods to eat and more importantly what to avoid, are what got me back to 100% and feeling symptom free!

Doug, San Clemente, CA

A short visit with Christine is better than hours on Google! She had a ton of information that helped me eliminate my night sweats and reduce my PMS symptoms. She even educated me about the importance of Vitamin D; thanks Christine!

Heather, Laguna Niguel, CA