If you believe your body has the wisdom to heal itself, but it needs a little help, then you are ready to understand the science of epigenetics and nutrigenomics. Clar8ty is a company based in Mission Viejo, CA that offers the products described here and are unlike ANY products currently available (if you believe you have seen a similar product, please email me so I can explain how these products are truly unique). All products are made in America and have NONE of the bad stuff: Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, no soy, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, dyes, etc.


This powered nutritional drink mix unlocks your body’s natural primary antioxidant production at the genetic level. Calibr8 activates the most potent antioxidant and detoxification enzymes known to science: primary antioxidants. Primary antioxidants, made by your body, are able to neutralize millions of times more free radicals than the secondary antioxidants found in most foods and dietary supplements on the market today. If you are familiar with the words Sulforaphane, Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase, then check this out and be amazed (and if you are not familiar with those words, the site has webinars to educate you).

Note: While one key benefit is an increase in energy, this is not an energy drink and contains no caffeine. Detoxification results in the reduction of any inflammation your body is experiencing. This means: increased clarity of thought, more energy, better sleep, less pain, increased sense of “wellness” via less stress/anxiety; for kids: increased attention span, fewer tummy aches, more energy, less anxiety.


  • Promotes primary cellular defense activity

  • Support increased energy, stamina and recovery

  • Enhances mental sharpness and clarity

  • Helps eliminate toxins including heavy metals

  • Supports the immune system

  • Mitigates the affect of inflammation and oxidative stress

  • Promotes a glowing complexion Vegan, non-GMO and gluten free

  • No preservatives, no soy, no artificial sweeteners or flavors.


Please, for your health (and especially the health of your children) consider this product. Embedded with QSET™* (proprietary Quantum Signature Enhancement Technology), the QChip can help fortify (strengthen) the body’s own natural defenses from wireless emissions.

Place the QChip on ALL of your portable and fixed electronic and wireless devices so that when you, your children, and others use those devices the QChip is in close proximity to your body’s bioenergetic field to switch it on!

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